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Coin counting machines… a rip-off or convenience?

So I went to the local supermarket today with a jar of coins hoping to convert them into “real money”. Coin counting machines are ubiquitous at the supermarket as the RedBox DVD machines. So after answering a battery of lame questions (do … Continue reading

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Sad time to be a Republican

Last night I was sadden to be affiliated with a bunch of buffoons known as the Republican. What is happening to us? A once proud and mighty GOP are now known as “the do nothing” bunch. It all started with someone open the … Continue reading

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What happen to common sense?

So the San Francisco’s DA office will file charges for domestic violence against the newly elected sheriff Ross Mirkarimi for a new year eve’s incident with his wife. A neighbor claim she witnessed Mirkarimi “abused” his wife resulted with bruising to her arm. The … Continue reading

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What is wrong with America’s military leaders?

It seems like the Commander In Chief and US military leaders are having a guilty complex over the 4 Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters incident. The US press had been playing it up as though as it is some sort of … Continue reading

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