Sad time to be a Republican

Last night I was sadden to be affiliated with a bunch of buffoons known as the Republican. What is happening to us? A once proud and mighty GOP are now known as “the do nothing” bunch. It all started with someone open the door to the “tea party” idiots and allowed them to jump on our band wagon.

In Oabama’s State Of The Union speech he took credit for a lot of successes that we as Republicans tried our best to keep it from happening. There is the come back of the American auto industry, the Bin La-din trophy hunt, tax break for the middle class, the passage of the health care bill, and this morning Navy SEALS successful mission in Somalia. WTF? don’t we have a single thing we can claim that we did something? We couldn’t even get the Pipeline pork project to pass.

No wonder we are set to doom because our leaders consist of: a “recycled has been” who is still trying to answer to whether or not he asked his EX if he can have sex with other women while married to her. A clue-less business man who is playing hide and seek with his income tax return. An old coot whose ideas seems like jokes from SNL with Betty White. These morons are preoccupied with these “who gives a shit” issues while Obama is talking about jobs and the economy.

The scariest part is one of the 3 stooges will represent us against Obama next year. God help us if we actually win.

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