What happen to common sense?

So the San Francisco’s DA office will file charges for domestic violence against the newly elected sheriff Ross Mirkarimi for a new year eve’s incident with his wife. A neighbor claim she witnessed Mirkarimi “abused” his wife resulted with bruising to her arm. The wife publicly denied the assault charges saying ” it is all a misunderstanding” and defended her husband.

The San Francisco’s DA office thinks that it knows more about the dynamic of the Mirarimi’s family than the couple will press charges against the Sheriff over his wife’s objection. They are trying to convince Mrs Mirarimi that she is a victim of domestic violence.

Are you kidding me? Why are we wasting money prosecuting when the victim herself claim nothing happened. Shouldn’t we use that limited resource to go after the real criminals? What happen to the thing call common sense?

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2 Responses to What happen to common sense?

  1. DaMan says:

    A lot of women who are the victim of abuse will change their mind about wanting to prosecute or deny anything ever happened. That doesn’t mean a crime didn’t occur. In this situation, we have an actual witness to the crime and evidence. it would be negligent for the DA to turn a blind eye to domestic violence on anyone if there is enough proof to prosecute, regardless of their status. Sorry Jean, you’re wrong on this one.

  2. wilbur says:

    Ross Mirkarimi is finished now. DA Gascon is prepping himself for higher office. Is the wife’s testimony believable? Only two people really know…..

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