What is wrong with America’s military leaders?

It seems like the Commander In Chief and US military leaders are having a guilty complex over the 4 Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters incident. The US press had been playing it up as though as it is some sort of atrocity. The enemy is not angry over this, they are laughing at our military leaders for their responses to the issue. The bigger laugh is when Leon Paneta called Afghanistan’s president Karzai to apologize for the action of the 4 Marines. Paneta promised Karzai that there will be a witch hunt to punish the men involved.

What is wrong with America’s military leaders? Why do warriors lost their “balls” (for lack of better word) when they become Generals? All of the “brasses” are condemning the 4 Marines as though they have committed some sort of atrocity. And please, spare me from  “we have higher standard”. If we resort to war to resolve conflict than we lowered ourself to the enemy’s level. We train these Marines snipers to shoot the Taliban in the head to kill them but they can’t “piss” on the enemy. And when boys will be boys our leaders abandon them.

By the way, why did Peneta apologized to  Harmid Karzai when the Taliban is a common enemy of US and Afghanistan? Why would Karzai be offended or is it because they are both the same. If this is the case than we have a bigger issue than just some youngsters pissing on some dead guys.


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One Response to What is wrong with America’s military leaders?

  1. DaMan says:

    It’s just being Politically Correct you know that. We’re so concerned about our image in order to maintain public support. It’s the same in police work.

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